(Italiano) Complex aluminum glazed EI30 – EI60


(Italiano) Complex aluminum glazed EI30 – EI60


The fire door or window glass is constructed with supporting frame in tubular steel from 15/10 to 18/10 and cold formed, internally insulated with organic material based on silicates free of asbestos, provided with grooves for containing seals and intumescent cold smoke.
The total thickness of the frame varies between 50 mm and 80 mm, depending on the fire resistance class.

It is equipped with:

  • heavy steel hinges with three wings bolted to the frame, with ball-bearing type, with stainless steel pins;
  • Self-locking lock, release by rotation of the handle;
  • Yale type barrel or Cisa brass;
  • Fire Handle in stainless steel and closers;
  • Self-locking latch on secondary leaf and closing regulator views, only if two glass doors;
  • Pirostop fire protection glass plates composed Float extrachiare with interposed apirico material, total thickness from 23 mm to 52 mm, depending on the fire resistance class
  • surface finishing by varnishing with interior powder coated baked in the oven, in the standard colors: RAL 7032, RAL 1013, 3000, 5010, 6005, 7016, 7035, 8017, 9005, 9006, 9010; installation subframe made of galvanized steel, Zancato to the wall.

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