The production of fire doors of SI.DEL. It is realized on two continuous lines entirely automated with extremely advanced technologies.

The SI.DEL fire doors. are designed and manufactured with a conscience, to ensure products are not only certified and approved, but really effective and technically valid. The attention of SI.DEL. has always projected on increased quality, efficiency and I evata, productivity acts m ized and responsive to the market.

The wide production to meet the different needs of the customer, including in summary: doors single and double doors with and without portholes, doors and sliding doors, revolving doors, telescopic and sliding rails, armored doors and glass doors of standard size or customized, certified and approved according to law, of a thickness not less than 60 mm and equipped with a third hinge to improve stability and efficiency.

The production and delivery times are short, in addition, the company is equipped with its own vehicles for transportation in order to avoid damage to the products.